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Welcome to episode 79. Today I am joined by Maria Evans aka @theteencoach for a deeply powerful conversation about grief, the nurturing impact of holding space and supporting teenagers to begin to navigate life using their own inner GPRS.


Full show notes available here.

Welcome to episode 78!!


In this episode of Three Sixty Conversations where I am having part 2 of a nourishing conversation with Reverend Gail Love-Schock about money! We are taking a nourishing deep dive into financial responsibility and prosperity consciousness. If you haven’t listened to our first chat, listen here.


 About Reverend Gail:

Gail Love-Schock, Interfaith Reverend and the world’s first and only Energy Transformation Strategist, has helped thousands of people move through radical change, moving closer to love and celebration through meditation, ceremony, ritual, mentorship, and retreats.


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Hello and welcome to episode 77 where for the first time in my podcast history I am joined by a man! Not just any man, but Victor Granville.


Victor is a relationship coach and supports people to connect with themselves rather than abandon themselves by seeking relationships to meet unmet needs. Victor is a certified Inner Bonding facilitator and hosts workshops to support people understand their limiting patterns of behaviour and learn new patterns that will assist them to develop and sustain healthy romantic relationships.


Full show notes and links to resources here.


Ps I am having a Spring Solstice day retreat on 21st March. More info here. Early bird ends on 31st January 2020!

Hello and welcome to episode 76!


I am joined by Zoe Blaskey founder of Motherkind for a conversation on boundaries, breakdowns and breakthroughs! This episode is an in-depth exploration of conscious motherhood for modern mums, however it is packed full of insights and wisdom for anyone as we have all been parented!


You can read the full show notes which include the powerful resources mentioned here!


At the beginning of the episode I mentioned The Heart Space weekend retreat I am hosting in February 2020.  You can read more about it here.

Welcome to episode 75!


I am joined by writer, podcaster, speaker and artist Natalie Lue for a super juicy conversation about people pleasing! Hold to your hats and lean all the way in for a very honest conversation on what people pleasing really is (manipulation) how it shows up (immaturity) and how to begin to address is (responsibility).


This is not one for the faint hearted but its contained in love and will be very helpful for many! This conversation got me fired up and inspired so I have decided to host a supportive and nourishing workshop called Freedom fromPeople Pleasing this workshop is included in my Everyday Joy Membership. It will cover what people pleasing is, how it's linked to your inner child how it shows up and practical tips to address it, Sign up to my mailing list here if you would like to hear more.


Full show notes and resources mentioned available here.



About Natalie Lue:

Natalie Lue, 42, is a writer, podcaster, speaker and artist who's been blogging for over fifteen years. She founded Baggage Reclaim in 2005 with the mission of using her recovery from abandonment, emotional unavailability and low self-esteem to help at least one person avoid what she had or figure their way out of a toxic relationship. Since then, she's helped many people-pleasers, perfectionists and over-thinkers unpack and reclaim themselves from their emotional baggage affecting everything from forging intimate relationships to their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, to their creativity, relationship with money and work, to the health and wealth of their interpersonal relationships.


Natalie's work is also currently expanding into helping kids and parents. Natalie’s self-published four books that have sold 130K+ copies, and is also the host of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions podcast which has enjoyed 1.2m downloads on Apple podcasts and more than 2m listens on other outlets. She runs ecourses, a membership and workshops.


Of Jamaican Chinese in origin, Natalie was born in Wolverhampton and raised primarily in Dublin, Ireland, via stints in Carlisle and Zambia. She lives in Caterham, Surrey, with her husband and two daughters.


You can connect with Natalie here:


Baggage Reclaim

Welcome to episode 74 of Three Sixty Conversations. I am joined by Ruth Kudzi.  


Ruth is a qualified Success coach, speaker and blogger. She is obsessed with personal development and has a BA in Psychology & Management Studies, a MA in Psychology, a PGCE in Business Economics and a PGCERT in Coaching alongside lots of other qualifications. She built a six figure business on maternity leave and is now a multiple business owner. Her passion is empowering other women to start up and develop their dream businesses.


In this conversation we discuss how systems and strategy can boost creativity and joy in business.



Full show notes including resources mentioned here.


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Welcome to Episode 73!!


I had a little hiatus, then hosted a daily podcast community project celebrating black history month through October and now I am back to my enlightening conversation format and and delighted to kick off this new season of podcasts with Reverend Gail Love-Schock (you can tell I am delighted by my high pitched shrill in the beginning of our chat... sorry!).


Reverend Gail and I have a deep, real and nourishing conversation about emotional safety, self connection and leadership.  We also talk about prosperity and business. Our prosperity chat did not go as deep and wide as we wanted it to so we will be back with a part 2!


Gail Love-Schock, Interfaith Reverend and the world’s first and only Energy Transformation Strategist, has helped thousands of people move through radical change, moving closer to love and celebration through meditation, ceremony, ritual, mentorship, and retreats.


Gail’s ministry focuses on the taboo subjects of life including sex, money, and death, all of which enable people to live a rich, vibrant and meaningful life today.


Accredited by One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, she has featured in global outlets such as The Sunday Times, New York Post, The Sunday Post, and Psychologies.


Special offer from Gail:

Gail has a MEGA SESSIONS with The Rev service available. These sessions are two and a half hours of deep inquiry, learning how to work with the 4 levels of consciousness and The Enneagram to completely transform your reality. Learning tools to cross the bridge between who you were and who you are becoming. Setting true intentions for you, and celebrating your individual magick right now. It's a game-changer!


Gail is offering a discount to Three Sixty Conversations listeners.  All you need to do book a connection call or mega session with Gail here and type Difference Made in the subject box... of just say you heard the offer here!


Interesting things we talked about:

The Enneagram

Four Levels of Consciousness

We didn't mention her here but, Florence Scovel Shinn is definitely someone to explore.


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Karen Arthur honours her late Aunt Monica.


In today's black history take over the one and only Karen Arthur honours her late Aunt Monica.


Karen shares very real and very honest complex feelings about ganging freedom following a relationship break-up then quickly having to relinquish this new found freedom to care for her Aunt Monica in a period of illness.


Just as Karen decided to embrace caring for her Aunt she sadly passed away. Through grief Karen found a deepened love of fashion and started to make conscious choices about the clothes she wears to alter her mood. #WEARYOURHAPPY was born. The sad passing of Aunt Monica led Karen to her new path as a mental health advocate, fashion designer, speaker, event organiser and more!



About Karen Arthur:

Karen is a 57 year old woman flourishing through menopause. She is a Fashion designer, sewing tutor, stylist and speaker with a bit of modeling thrown in for variety.


Karen enables women to harness the power of fashion to support good mental well-being using #wearyourhappy on social media and penned an e-book '8 Ways to Wear Your Happy' as a helpful guide. She has held two successful Wear Your Happy live events to date and launched Wear Your Happy Style, a personal styling offer for women who want to rediscover the ‘Happy’ in their wardrobes.


Karen speaks publicly on fashion and mental wellbeing, ageing and loneliness. Her most recent video feature for @StyleLikeU ‘Getting Dressed: A self-acceptance project’ has reached over 88k views on Youtube.

Karen is also a co-founder of Craftmoves, a social initiative committed to ending loneliness amongst London’s commuters through handheld craft.


You can connect with Karen here:












Marsha Powell honours her mother, Delores Hay.


Today’s  Black History audio takeover comes from Marsha Powell honouring her mother, Delores Hay.


Marsha’s mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and died within weeks of her diagnosis. This was an extremely difficult time for Marsha, her siblings and their extended family however their mother’s light shone through so powerfully the Powell sisters were left with a very clear message: Enjoy the life you have now.


At the end of this audio Marsha shares a poem she wrote for her mother.


Prepare to have all the feels.


Thank you for your candour Marsha I absolutely loved listening to your contribution.


About Marsha Powell:


Marsha is the founder of BelEve UK which is a charity that provides practical and emotional support to help girls and young women raise their aspirations. BelEve UK provide workshops, work experience, mentoring and more.


Marsha is also the founder of Eve & Grace which is an inclusive wellness studio in the heart of Battersea. Eve & Grace provide a range of classes and treatments in a warm abs welcoming environment.


You can connect with Marsha here:





I know black history month is over, but listen to the audio for an 'explanation'.

Suzy Ashworth honours Tessa Sanderson CBE.


In today's podcast takeover Suzy Ashworth celebrates Tessa Sanderson’s commitment to being the best and her capacity to give the best.


Suzy is a real one she doesn’t throw glitter on shit. At one point in this episode she used some strong language and it is totally it is necessary. You guys know I swear and I braced myself as I heard Suzy's words as it activated trauma from experiencing what she described.  This is why this project is here. It is not to gloss over the wickedness black people have endured but I believed that at some point we need to acknowledge the shit and then alchemise it. If we stay in trauma we only have trauma. Our ancestors and elders didn’t endure for us to live in trauma.



In terms of wellness Suzy shares that she is inspired by Tessa Sanderson’s ability to allow herself to be open to learning and new, regardless of her age and experience which is a huge gift. I must take this moment to thank Suzy. Suzy, one of the most powerful gifts you have given me is the space to allow myself to park what I know to one side and be open to new and deeper learning. This is possibly one of the most expansive gifts I have received in my adult life.


About Suzy Ashworth:

Suzy Ashworth is a mindset and business coach who helps female entrepreneurs increase their intention, impact, and income with grace and ease.

She helps her clients create powerful messaging that converts browsers into buyers and builds a tribe of superfans for their businesses. Over the last four years, Suzy has supported almost 1,500 female entrepreneurs through online and in-person mentoring.

She runs a number of retreats and events including Limitless Live, an annual one-day event which connects, inspires and motivates women into taking themselves and their businesses to the next level of success.



You can connect with Suzy here:





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