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Welcome to episode 41 where I am joined by Mami Sarjo, founder of Sarjo's Wholistics for a deeply nourishing conversation on yoni health, cultural appropriation in wellness and crystal healing.

Welcome to episode 40 where I am joined by Selina Barker.  Selina is a coach, online course designer, writer, podcaster and co-founder of Project Love.  Selina is an absolute delight, her work is powerful and her whole vibe is pure magick!


For the past 12 years Selina has made it her business to help people design lives and careers they love.


She's a big believer that we are all artists of our own lives and that any change we want to make, any dream we want to bring to life, can be done by turning it into a practical project.

Over the past 12 years Selina has been honoured to coach the brightest minds and talent from Google, Apple, UN Women and MySpace (yep, I’ve been at it that long), A-list musicians and leaders in the creative and music industries, helping them to create lives, careers and businesses that they can thrive in.

She has guided more than 3,000 people all over the world through the online courses that she has created for her own brands or co-designed with brilliant best-selling authors.

The signature online course she designed for Project Love has been featured in Psychologies, Glamour and Grazia.  Selina has also been included in six best-selling books on career change and how to start a business on a shoestring.

Selina has built two businesses ( and Project Love) which are thriving today, featured in six best-selling books on career design and for three years ran my business from a bag while she travelled the UK in my camper van for 6 months, road tripped around California, sailed the fjords of Chile, hung out with family in the streets of Buenos Aires and painted in the mountains of Canada.

Over the past 5 years Selina's focus has also turned towards love and relationships and growing Project Love with her biz wife, Vicki Pavitt. It is fast becoming the go-to platform for people looking for heartfelt, practical guidance on love and life. We offer a mix of online courses, coaching and life design tools, including the popular Get Ready for Love course and the Goodbye Hello journal.

Welcome to episode 39 where I am joined by Fashion and textile designer Caro Gomez, founder of the Caro Gomez brand.  We had a really nourishing conversation about operating in your zone of genius, living abundantly and paying abundance forward.


Caro Gomez is a Latin American textile designer, who lives in London with her husband and two children. Originally from El Salvador, Caro has carried her roots with her throughout her fashion journey, and her work is heavily inspired by the colours, patterns and flair of the Latin American lifestyle.


After leaving her home country to pursue an education in fashion, she set off for Milan to study, but soon realised that the ‘city of fashion’ wasn't all she had dreamt of. Caro knew that air kisses and false niceties just weren’t for her - she wanted to pursue her dream, but knew that she couldn’t do it in an environment that didn’t feel authentic to her true self. She was falling out of love with fashion and knew that she had to make a big change if she wanted to succeed.


It was with this, that Caro decided to apply to study at Central St. Martins in London. 10 years, one marriage and two children later, London is where she calls home, and where she plans to launch her upcoming collection of hand painted and hand embroidered women’s clothing in spring 2019.


Caro’s upcoming collection is aimed at women who want to feel joyful, happy and powerful, because she believes that empowered women change the world. In a bid to support the Latin American community here in the UK, the collection will be manufactured with the help of Latin American women in London, who are trying to integrate successfully into British society.

Welcome to episode 38 where I am joined by Sami Blackford, founder of the women's wellness brand, Freya Luna


Sami believes that small acts of mindful self-care can nurture us into a relationship of true self-love - mind, body and soul (and skin). She is an alchemist, apothecary, writer, and mentor. She created Freyaluna to harness the magical powers of Mother Nature and help women to feel confident, beautiful, and friggin’ amazing in their own bodies.

After battling with acne for many years, by her mid-20s Sami decided enough was enough. Over the next few years I immersed myself in the world of natural and holistic skincare and wellness (and became certified in Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine along the way). Her journey brought her into contact with thousands of amazing women from around the world. And she discovered that, no matter what colour our skin is, how many years we’ve lived, or which country we call home, we are all yearning for a way to love and care for our skin in a gentle and natural way.

Sami created her Freyaluna natural skincare collection to encourage us to take time for ourselves and turn a regular skincare routine into a daily skin ritual of self-love.

She says, "I want you to fall in love with taking care of yourself. My intention is that you enjoy your skincare ritual from the second you open each bottle or jar. These products are formulated to encompass your whole being, and your whole wellbeing. Each time you open your bottle or jar, I invite you to escape into luxury moments of sensory serenity. These are moments for you to savour."

Welcome to the audio version of Everyday Joy Newsletter!  In this letter I'm sharing some (a lot of) thoughts on growth.


"Due to the belief that growth is only valid if it is ascending, we tend to prevent ourselves from connecting with the downward motion.  We try desperately to stop ourselves from what feels like plummeting not realising that in suppressing the downward motion we are restricting ourselves, stunting our growth" - Tamu Thomas.


If you would like the full newsletter delivered straight to your inbox you can sign up here.  I share valuable content in a manner that honours your time and energy so no need to worry about spam!

Welcome to Episode 38!  I am joined by the absolutely delightful Ray Dodd, Taking up Space mentor for a deep dive into intersectionality in the coaching industry.



Nicola Rae Wickham (@alifemoreinspired) and I are back with our Wellness is Wellth collaboration!  This time its a supper club!


The response to the inaugural Wellness is Wellth event at Thomson Reuters in January this year was so powerful we have not been able to stop thinking about it.

Each week since 18th January 2019 we have discussed or mentioned Wellness is Wellth.  Each conversation or mention made us feel alive and safe to delve deeper into our money stories cultivating a friendly relationship that is steadily becoming closer and healthier.

We have agreed that we can no longer ignore the nudges encouraging us to make Wellness is Wellth a living breathing entity, so here we are!

We started in the heart of the UK's financial district and have decided take Wellness is Wellth home bringing abundance to your door with a supperclub in the beautiful homely setting of  Kindred Members club in Hammersmith, London.


Information and booking details here.

Welcome to episode 37 where I am joined by the very awesome Ruth Poundwhite, Writer, Podcaster, Heart-led entrepreneur, creative business mentor and huge introvert!


In this episode Ruth and I have a nourishing about self acceptance and how she using the success of creating a business that supports her extroverted nature to create space to build a business that can support other quiet revolutionaries do the same.


Full show notes here.

Welcome to episode 36 where I am talking to PR maven, business woman extraodinare Ronke Lawal, founder of Ariatu PR.


I thought we were going to talk about PR, my intention was to talk to Ronke about the juxtaposition of having a multi identity and professionalism in a world where White, middle class and beyond are the default for all things professional due to systematic racism, followed by a conversation on the mindset necessary to be ready of PR. However the multi identity piece was huge. We didn’t get to all the places but we got deep, soulful and honest. It was a really enriching conversation.


Full show notes here.


Ps - thank you to all the people that voted for me in the Precious Lifestyle Awards.  I won best podcast category.  I have an award winning podcast and am delighted!


Huge thank you to Foluke Akinlose for all the work she does to uplift and acknowledge black women and women of colour in business. 

I had some realisations after a beautiful yoga and sound healing experience with Feel Good Yoga this morning so am sharing with you.


This is 18mins of me riffing, I didn't make notes or have a plan.  I just felt like I needed to share my musings and information about my new Everyday Joy membership so got on the mic and did that.


To be clear the home space I am talking about in this episode is you.


You can find information about the Everyday Joy membership here.  


We will take a seasonal approach to the topics we cover so that we can go deep and wide.

Season 1, Summer begins on Monday 24th June 2019 and ends on 24th September 2019.  We will cover 1 topic per season to ensure we have the time to process and implement without feeling overwhelmed.


Membership is open for 1 week at the beginning of each season until the membership reaches capacity.  New members will not be added until the beginning of the new season so that the flow of the group is not disrupted mid-topic.


The membership is hosted in a private facebook group.


Season 1 will cover health, as our health is the foundation for everything.  


Month 1 - Hormone health and Nutrition

Month 2 - Sleep and Vitality

Month 3 - Healthy Image and Confidence


Any questions?  Send me a DM here.

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