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This podcast was recorded in June my pandemic inability showed up in my podcast hence the 6-month delay!


Anyway, today I am sharing a nourishing chat with my darling Kate Taylor. Kate is a sparkling disco ball in human form.


In this episode, Kate talks about living a satiating BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL LIFE and feeling into your expansiveness.

Kate is a lover of disco balls, a bright red lip and more leopard print than is necessary, she isn’t your average coach. She’s a leading life design and empowerment coach, creative business coach & mentor, Master NLP practitioner & clinical hypnotherapist, Qoya teacher, writer, speaker and creator of the Practical Magic Activation Deck — the UK’s first life coach in a box. And more recently, organiser of The Awakening — a festival dedicated to wellness and self-care on the Isle of Wight.


She’s also the creator of the popular Practical Magic Podcast where each week she shares wisdom and interviews with special guests from the worlds of creativity, wellness and modern spirituality.




Journal prompts from Kate:

What am I here to do?  When I feel into that, where am I most alive?

How does it feel to be in expansion?


Keep up with Kate:

Welcome to episode 91. I am joined by Nicky Clinch, Maturation Coach & Facilitator, Spiritual Mentor, CEO & Entrepreneur. Her mission in life is to help people break free of the confines of their past traumas, self-defeating patterns and suffering so that they can realise, and come home to, who they truly are.


Nicky shares how maturation supports us to be present with and heal trauma so that the wounded stop inflicting wounds on the wounded.


We speak candidly on how this work helps people dismantle racism, become actively anti-racist and close the gap on separation.


There are many mic drop moments in this conversation about the messiness that is coming home to alignment.


Full show notes including resources and people mentioned here.

Welcome to episode 90!

Today I am joined by award-winning Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Wellness Coach, Claudine Thornhill, founder of Claudine J. Thornhill Nutrition. Claudine which supports women to eat well, feel well and live fully.

Claudine helps women have better periods, address womb health issues and transition through perimenopause and menopause with ease.

In this episode, Claudine shares information about nutrition and the ways food can support us in highly stressful situations. The conversation evolved into a healing dialogue about the ways systematic racism impacts black people from code-switching, second-guessing and internalising micro-aggressions as a means to navigate the complexity of being a black professional. 

We explore the ways this method of protection could be stored in the body as fibroids and stress-related illness.


Full show notes here.


This podcast is not a substitute for medical advice or a consultation with a professional nutritional therapist.

Welcome to episode 89 where I am joined by international speaker, leadership consultant and executive coach, Michelle Moore for a powerful conversation on living your life to the full.

Michelle shares powerful wisdom gained from her career as an athlete and shows how she has applied it to her life and career.

"As an athlete learning how to lose continuously taught me how to show up. Winning became a bonus" - Michelle Moore.

Show notes including links to resources here


Photo credit Sofia Akel

This episode is the audio from an Instagram live monologue on the mother wound and how it is showing up for mid-life women. I talk about women outsourcing their power because they are seeking mothering and highlight that they mothering being sought can only come from within.


I also invited you to sign up for my last 'open' digital women's circle on Thursday 28th May 2020 at 7am BST via zoom. Sign up here. The topic is, "Breathing vitality into your life".


I also shared that I am welcoming new people to join my Everyday Joy Membership Group next week (1st June 2020). More information here.

Welcome to episode 87! I am joined by Nathan Blair, founder of the Somatic School.


During this conversation Nathan shares wisdom on the power of tuning in to and being present with our felt senses & bodily sensations to tap into our vast and very intelligent innate resources. 


Show notes including links to resources mentioned here.

This is a solo episode where I share some insight's from a conversation I had with a prospective coaching client. I talk about unconsciously choosing to invest life force energy in being stuck due to fearing the changes that may occur as we grow. 


If this episode resonates with you, I suggest getting out your journal.


Journal prompts:

What would happen if I released my attachment to my husk?

What action can I take to release the attachment to this husk?

Don't forget to create an affirmation to support you releasing attachment to your husk.


Explore ways to work with me here and book a call to explore 1:2:1 coaching with me here.

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Nicola Rae Wickham

Tracee Ellis Ross and Oprah here.

Plant timelapse video here.

Welcome to episode 84 where I am joined by writer, Consultant Creative Director / Strategist and Social Specialist Clemmie Telford for a conversation about honesty and intuition being a guiding light.


We have a rich and insightful conversation about the challenges of living honestly due to the level of vulnerability and intimacy required to live in this way. 


Full show notes here.


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Welcome to episode 85! I am joined by the Earth Mother herself, Nehanda Truscott-Reid aka The Soul Mama Coach for a discussion on motherhood awakening and healing.


In this conversation, Nehanda speaks powerfully about motherhood being a portal to awakening into the truth of who we are.

Full show notes here.


Nehanda's Black History Month podcast here.


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Welcome to episode 83! I am joined by children’s fashion stylist Yvadney Davis for a discussion on the power of community, cultivating spaces that support authenticity and the therapeutic power of JOY!

Full show notes and resources here.


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