I have had a number of conversations with women about struggling to find a coach, mentor, therapist that can hold their 'bigness'.


These are often sensitive women, even though they may not view themselves that way. They tend to have big energy, big feelings, big emotions, big views, big wisdom, big power but don't know how to hold and channel it. This is usually because we are conditioned to play small and not be too much.


This feeds into feeling like you are simultaneously too much and not enough. As such this can create an environment where people say that they were unable to work with whichever helping professional because they couldn't handle how big they are.


However, when I think about my life experience and coaching practice what I think is happening is that people with big feelings etc are under-skilled and unable to hold their power as they, like most of us have been conditioned to play small.


As such, they unconsciously make other people responsible for their bigness. This way they can unconsciously blame others and their confirmation bias confirms that they are beyond being supported because they are indeed too much and not enough. Hyper-independence and loneliness prevails and the cycle repeats.


I can help unravel this and support you to learn how to take care of your needs so that you feel grounded and strong enough to be a conduit for your power rather than burned by it.


Explore working with me here [LINK], lets make 2022 a power-full one.

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