Nicola Rae Wickham (@alifemoreinspired) and I are back with our Wellness is Wellth collaboration!  This time its a supper club!


The response to the inaugural Wellness is Wellth event at Thomson Reuters in January this year was so powerful we have not been able to stop thinking about it.

Each week since 18th January 2019 we have discussed or mentioned Wellness is Wellth.  Each conversation or mention made us feel alive and safe to delve deeper into our money stories cultivating a friendly relationship that is steadily becoming closer and healthier.

We have agreed that we can no longer ignore the nudges encouraging us to make Wellness is Wellth a living breathing entity, so here we are!

We started in the heart of the UK's financial district and have decided take Wellness is Wellth home bringing abundance to your door with a supperclub in the beautiful homely setting of  Kindred Members club in Hammersmith, London.


Information and booking details here.

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