Welcome to my 2nd solo episode - Three Sixty Monologues.


I am talking about using your voice as I've had a number of conversations with people that are not saying what they feel called to as they are ultimately worried about how they will be perceived.

I answer questions from @hair_at_tithecottage, @alright.bab, @helen.cruickshank and @soniameggie.

I shout out @melanieeusebe because Melanie is awesome and also her @thebbbawards is so impactful. I share my thoughts on why The Black British Business Awards are necessary. FYI nominations for this years BBB Awards are live now so tap the link in Melanie's bio to nominate, you don't need to be black to nominate! If you are aware of a black business that is doing bits please do nominate.

Affirmation from @alifemoreinspired


I forgot to mention that the next Everyday Joy day retreat is on 08/06/19, information and booking here. I also forgot to say that I am having a live podcast event for my first anniversary on 1st May! Details will be shared this week.



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