In this episode I am talking about the way self-empathy can create space for expansion and liberate us from unhelpful internal narratives.


Journal prompt:


How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow and all your dreams/ goals were realised?


Are those feelings present (to any degree) in your life currently?


I invite you to think about how more self-empathy (the ability to understand and share the feelings of another). Could assist you to expand towards realising some of your dreams/ goals?


I shout out my absolute darling, Nicola Rae Wickham founder of A Life More Inspired. Nicola is a true gem and the woman that helped me to begin to recognise my limiting beliefs and understand that we build stories around our lives that are not always true which means that we can create new helpful ones.  Nicola has just launched a Creative Coaching and Mentoring Experience for purpose-driven women who have a brand to get out and into the world.  If this sounds like you.  Do check Dream, Do and Flourish out.


I mention Nicky Raby and our podcast chat







It's the first anniversary of Three Sixty on 1st May 2019 and I am marking the occasion with a live podcast episode!  I will in deep conversation with Jessica Huie talking all things Purpose and finding out how the transition to a life based on a more soulful calling has led Jessica to herself.  I will be doing a monologue with questions from former guests.  There will be light refreshments and high vibes.  Click here for more information.


The next Three Sixty Everyday Joy Day Retreat takes place on 08/06/19 in London. Click here for more information and booking.

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