I had some realisations after a beautiful yoga and sound healing experience with Feel Good Yoga this morning so am sharing with you.


This is 18mins of me riffing, I didn't make notes or have a plan.  I just felt like I needed to share my musings and information about my new Everyday Joy membership so got on the mic and did that.


To be clear the home space I am talking about in this episode is you.


You can find information about the Everyday Joy membership here.  


We will take a seasonal approach to the topics we cover so that we can go deep and wide.

Season 1, Summer begins on Monday 24th June 2019 and ends on 24th September 2019.  We will cover 1 topic per season to ensure we have the time to process and implement without feeling overwhelmed.


Membership is open for 1 week at the beginning of each season until the membership reaches capacity.  New members will not be added until the beginning of the new season so that the flow of the group is not disrupted mid-topic.


The membership is hosted in a private facebook group.


Season 1 will cover health, as our health is the foundation for everything.  


Month 1 - Hormone health and Nutrition

Month 2 - Sleep and Vitality

Month 3 - Healthy Image and Confidence


Any questions?  Send me a DM here.

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