Welcome to episode 30!! I am joined by Steph Douglas, founder of thoughtful gift company, Don’t Buy Her Flowers. We have a wide ranging conversation about stair casing to success amongst other things. The stair casing we are talking about is taking considered steps and growing rather than trying to grow exponentially and then fizzling out.


Steph is a human with her own needs (we tend to leave this bit out!), mother to three children aged between 1 and 8 years old, wife and founder of a blossoming company.


Read the full show notes here.


I am making some changes to the Three Sixty space, more information coming soon.  The changes means that there will not be another Everyday Joy day retreat this year.  The next will be early 2020 and it will not be taking place in the same way, it will be part of a membership.  


The next and final (in this way) Everyday Joy retreat takes place on 08/06/19 and promises to be a really nourishing day.  You can book your place and get further information here.  You can also read some feedback from he last retreat here.


Enjoy the episode.

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