Welcome to episode 27! Today I am joined by Sharn Khaira. Sharn begun her entrepreneur journey with her company Luxury wedding planning business, Desi Bride Dreams after leaving a career in marketing that was very depleting. In 2017 Sharn set up the AFEC (Asian Female Entrepreneurs Collective) to support Asian women achieve successful in business. Sharn is also an international speaker and all round badass! 


Sharn talks about her background, growing up with parents that had little or no English and had periods of working multiple jobs to make ends meet. Sharn reflected on being a translator for her parents from a very young age and doing things like speaking to Sky TV at the age of 5 or 6 and helping her parents complete a mortgage application at 11 or 12! We talk about growing up in an area that was characterised by deprivation and seeing her parents experience financial stress. It was really interesting to hear Sharn talk about growing up seeing wealthy relatives and not being jealous or intimidated but inspired to believe that there was more for her than what she was experiencing. We also touch on Sharn paving her own path and braking away from the cultural norms of the Sikh community.  Full show notes here.




It's the first anniversary of Three Sixty on 1st May 2019 and I am marking the occasion with a live podcast episode!  I will in deep conversation with Jessica Huie talking all things Purpose and finding out how the transition to a life based on a more soulful calling has led Jessica to herself.  I will be doing a monologue with questions from former guests.  There will be light refreshments and high vibes.  Click here for more information.


The next Three Sixty Everyday Joy Day Retreat takes place on 08/06/19 in London. Click here for more information and booking.


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