Welcome to episode 40 where I am joined by Selina Barker.  Selina is a coach, online course designer, writer, podcaster and co-founder of Project Love.  Selina is an absolute delight, her work is powerful and her whole vibe is pure magick!


For the past 12 years Selina has made it her business to help people design lives and careers they love.


She's a big believer that we are all artists of our own lives and that any change we want to make, any dream we want to bring to life, can be done by turning it into a practical project.

Over the past 12 years Selina has been honoured to coach the brightest minds and talent from Google, Apple, UN Women and MySpace (yep, I’ve been at it that long), A-list musicians and leaders in the creative and music industries, helping them to create lives, careers and businesses that they can thrive in.

She has guided more than 3,000 people all over the world through the online courses that she has created for her own brands or co-designed with brilliant best-selling authors.

The signature online course she designed for Project Love has been featured in Psychologies, Glamour and Grazia.  Selina has also been included in six best-selling books on career change and how to start a business on a shoestring.

Selina has built two businesses (Careershifters.org and Project Love) which are thriving today, featured in six best-selling books on career design and for three years ran my business from a bag while she travelled the UK in my camper van for 6 months, road tripped around California, sailed the fjords of Chile, hung out with family in the streets of Buenos Aires and painted in the mountains of Canada.

Over the past 5 years Selina's focus has also turned towards love and relationships and growing Project Love with her biz wife, Vicki Pavitt. It is fast becoming the go-to platform for people looking for heartfelt, practical guidance on love and life. We offer a mix of online courses, coaching and life design tools, including the popular Get Ready for Love course and the Goodbye Hello journal.

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