Welcome to episode 36 where I am talking to PR maven, business woman extraodinare Ronke Lawal, founder of Ariatu PR.


I thought we were going to talk about PR, my intention was to talk to Ronke about the juxtaposition of having a multi identity and professionalism in a world where White, middle class and beyond are the default for all things professional due to systematic racism, followed by a conversation on the mindset necessary to be ready of PR. However the multi identity piece was huge. We didn’t get to all the places but we got deep, soulful and honest. It was a really enriching conversation.


Full show notes here.


Ps - thank you to all the people that voted for me in the Precious Lifestyle Awards.  I won best podcast category.  I have an award winning podcast and am delighted!


Huge thank you to Foluke Akinlose for all the work she does to uplift and acknowledge black women and women of colour in business. 

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