Welcome to Episode 73!!


I had a little hiatus, then hosted a daily podcast community project celebrating black history month through October and now I am back to my enlightening conversation format and and delighted to kick off this new season of podcasts with Reverend Gail Love-Schock (you can tell I am delighted by my high pitched shrill in the beginning of our chat... sorry!).


Reverend Gail and I have a deep, real and nourishing conversation about emotional safety, self connection and leadership.  We also talk about prosperity and business. Our prosperity chat did not go as deep and wide as we wanted it to so we will be back with a part 2!


Gail Love-Schock, Interfaith Reverend and the world’s first and only Energy Transformation Strategist, has helped thousands of people move through radical change, moving closer to love and celebration through meditation, ceremony, ritual, mentorship, and retreats.


Gail’s ministry focuses on the taboo subjects of life including sex, money, and death, all of which enable people to live a rich, vibrant and meaningful life today.


Accredited by One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, she has featured in global outlets such as The Sunday Times, New York Post, The Sunday Post, and Psychologies.


Special offer from Gail:

Gail has a MEGA SESSIONS with The Rev service available. These sessions are two and a half hours of deep inquiry, learning how to work with the 4 levels of consciousness and The Enneagram to completely transform your reality. Learning tools to cross the bridge between who you were and who you are becoming. Setting true intentions for you, and celebrating your individual magick right now. It's a game-changer!


Gail is offering a discount to Three Sixty Conversations listeners.  All you need to do book a connection call or mega session with Gail here and type Difference Made in the subject box... of just say you heard the offer here!


Interesting things we talked about:

The Enneagram

Four Levels of Consciousness

We didn't mention her here but, Florence Scovel Shinn is definitely someone to explore.


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