Welcome to episode 75!


I am joined by writer, podcaster, speaker and artist Natalie Lue for a super juicy conversation about people pleasing! Hold to your hats and lean all the way in for a very honest conversation on what people pleasing really is (manipulation) how it shows up (immaturity) and how to begin to address is (responsibility).


This is not one for the faint hearted but its contained in love and will be very helpful for many! This conversation got me fired up and inspired so I have decided to host a supportive and nourishing workshop called Freedom fromPeople Pleasing this workshop is included in my Everyday Joy Membership. It will cover what people pleasing is, how it's linked to your inner child how it shows up and practical tips to address it, Sign up to my mailing list here if you would like to hear more.


Full show notes and resources mentioned available here.



About Natalie Lue:

Natalie Lue, 42, is a writer, podcaster, speaker and artist who's been blogging for over fifteen years. She founded Baggage Reclaim in 2005 with the mission of using her recovery from abandonment, emotional unavailability and low self-esteem to help at least one person avoid what she had or figure their way out of a toxic relationship. Since then, she's helped many people-pleasers, perfectionists and over-thinkers unpack and reclaim themselves from their emotional baggage affecting everything from forging intimate relationships to their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, to their creativity, relationship with money and work, to the health and wealth of their interpersonal relationships.


Natalie's work is also currently expanding into helping kids and parents. Natalie’s self-published four books that have sold 130K+ copies, and is also the host of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions podcast which has enjoyed 1.2m downloads on Apple podcasts and more than 2m listens on other outlets. She runs ecourses, a membership and workshops.


Of Jamaican Chinese in origin, Natalie was born in Wolverhampton and raised primarily in Dublin, Ireland, via stints in Carlisle and Zambia. She lives in Caterham, Surrey, with her husband and two daughters.


You can connect with Natalie here:


Baggage Reclaim

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