Welcome to part 1 of episode 19!  I am joined by Natalie Costa founder of Power Thoughts which is a teaching, coaching and mindfulness service for children.  Natalie works with children 1-2-1, in schools, in groups online and in person.  She also works with parents helping them to learn how to support their children’s learning.


Our conversation is in two parts.  Part one is Natalie and I, part 2 includes my daughter!  When I told my daughter what Natalie does she immediately shared a number of things she would like to discuss so I thought rather than be a messenger she should join us.  Considering how much my daughter likes to talk and the big presence she has it was interesting to see her so shy and talking in her soft voice!  She also said that I was cringey #parentingwin!


Natalie’s background in teaching led her to setting up her company Power Thoughts as she noticed that there were significant numbers of children that were unable to reach their true potential as they couldn’t manage the ‘big emotions’ that dovetailed ‘failure’.  We look at how this translates into adulthood.

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