Welcome to episode 12 of Three Sixty Conversations.  Today I am joined Coach, Psychotherapist and Desire Map specialist, Nancy Florence.


Nancy is a highly skilled coach and psychotherapist who uses these skills to support high achieving women free themselves from their addiction to work, productivity and success.  Nancy is living proof that it’s is possible to achieve  and be successful without compromising your health and wellbeing.


We talk about shifting from the employee state of mind which is a constant performance to prove your worth to becoming an entrepreneur acknowledging that delegation, self care and focusing on key tasks enable success AND fulfilment.


Nancy has a course called the Desire Map Experience starting on 27th December.  In this is a 12 week course designed to connect you with your core desired feelings and a road map to enjoying the experience.  Full details here.


Thank you so much for the positive response to my new NOURISH apothecary candles.  I really appreciate your custom! 

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