Welcome to episode 10.  Today I am chatting to Lauren Derrett formerly @this_girl_is_enough now known as That Midlife Life (@thatmidlifelife).  Lauren is amazing, not because of what she does but because of who she is a nearly 45 year old woman standing firmly in her truth, embracing the privilege of ageing and making peace with the parts she’s not quite ready to give a big squeeze.  I must mention what Lauren does as she does LOADS (because of who she is). 


Lauren is a published author, writer, public speaker and advocate for women to realise their dreams via her membership hub.  Lauren is also a mother to four children and step-mother to two!


Lauren and I talk about her new hasthag #glowingold where she celebrates her journey through life, share appreciation for ‘bits and bobs’ and go deep on not allowing ourselves to be defined by one chapter in our books of life.  We also talk about staying curious and how to manage feelings when the title ‘mother’ doesn’t feel good.



Lauren’s book recommendations:

The Gift of Imperfection - Brene Brown

The Self Care Revolution - Suzy Reading

What I know for Sure - Oprah Winfrey

My Thoughts Exactly - Lilly Allen


You can buy Lauren’s book, Filter Free: Real Life Stories of Real Women here.



We discuss domestic abuse.  We do not talk about incidents but we do discuss the emotional impact, responsibility and shame.



The second Three Sixty Day Retreat takes place on Saturday at the cosy Clapton Laundry, London.  Tickets and information here.  The first one sold out so… you know.

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