Welcome to episode 23.  Today I’m joined by Jette Virdi, founder of the brand new period product subscription service Ilo which officially launches tomorrow 8th March 2019, international women’s day.  


Ilo is a brand that is committed to providing healthy sanitary products and revolutionising the conversations about periods across the world.  Ilo tampons and sanitary pads are made from chemical free organic cotton or bamboo.  The subscription is priced affordably AND each subscription assists Ilo to provide free sanitary products for people that have periods as well as providing sanitary products to people across the globe experiencing period poverty.   Ilo also contributes to a charity that addresses the impact of plastic  waste in the Ocean.  Jette is on a mission to provide safe period products for all.  


You can subscribe to Ilo here and keep up will all things Ilo here.


Full show notes here.

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