Welcome to episode 14 where I am in conversations with Jennifer MacFarlane aka The Money Medium. Jennifer is an international bestselling author, transformational money mindset and abundant life mentor, spiritual alchemist and summit leader.  Jennifer has a magical way of aligning people with their destiny by supporting them to understand the power of their thoughts and habits to reprogrammed their money mindset.  This is not about hustle hard, its about relaxing and putting yourself in a position where you are ready to receive because you know you can.  Jennifer assists people to identify subconscious thoughts about money and shift their money story from lack or limitation to abundance and expansion.


Jennifer works with her clients to create personalised mentoring and hypnosis style meditations that will reprogram old, worn out Money DNA that no longer serves them.  This is not about hustle hard, its about getting into alignment to allow money into your She works with people that are ready to up level into living a life where they work smart, not hard and adopt practices that makes them allow money into their lives and accumulate.  Jennifer is not supporting the notion that money will bring happiness she is fully aware that it is a tool that creates access and experiences and wants to show us how to let go of inherited belief about scarcity and lack.


In this episode we discuss the ways in which we can learn more about where our money beliefs come from and engage in practices to dismantle these beliefs so that we can relax and receive.


You can connect with Jennifer via the links below.


Website, Instagram, Facebook page, Soundcloud, Book.


Jennifer is collaborating with Sarah Akwisombe to create The Money Manifesting School which is a 30 day programme you can find details here.


Speaking of money, I am collaborating with the gorgeous Nicola Rae Wickham of A Life More Inspired to present an event called WELLBEING IS WELLTH on 18th January 2019. 


Wellbeing is Wellth  is an interactive panel discussion taking place on 18th January 2019 at 6:30pm at Thomson Reuters, one of the world’s most trusted providers of answers, helping professionals make confident decisions and run better businesses.  


For tickets and information click here.




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