This is episode  17 and I am joined by Emma Paton known as @finalyfox on social media.  Emma had a career in fashion working as a buyer for fashion brand Boden.  She started a blog about children’s fashion after the birth of her first child.  This blog evolved and now includes children and women’s fashion alongside interiors. 


Emma left her career after having her second child which meant she had more time for blogging which has led to influencer marketing.  Emma uses her platform to help primarily mothers but also women in general find stylish clothes that that work for their multifaceted life.  Think pieces that work for the school run, corporate environments and socialising.


You can read the rest of the show notes here.


Ps I am winding down the fashion side of my brand as it doesn’t bring me as much joy as creating real life experiences, such as my day retreats, other wellness events and this podcast. I have written a blog post about it so you can check it out here.  There is at least 30% off all clothing.  At the end of the month I will be have a free postage promotion so keep checking here.


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