Welcome to episode 13 of Three Sixty Conversations.  Today I am joined by Elisabetta Franzoso.  Elisabetta is a qualified life coach with over 15 years coaching and counselling experience.  She has a masters in counselling, diploma in Psychology and Gestalt therapy.  She is also a speaker, trainer and social activist. Elisabetta’s skill and experience is vast.


In this conversation we talk about trauma and self sabotage, what it is, how it shows up and it’s impact in our daily lives.  We discuss the ways in which we internalise trauma from childhood and beyond, how it can impact us and those around us.  Elisabetta and I share deeply in this episode and I had an intense revelation about how my self sabotage manifests itself in friendship. This conversation was like therapy.  I hope this episode is useful to you 


Five Rhythms dance a way to put you in touch with your whole self.


Book recommendations:

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

The Road Less Travelled - Dr Scott Peck 

Living, Loving, Learning - Leo Buscaglia


Things and people mentioned in this podcast:

Jessica Huie

5 Rhythms dance

Elisabetta’s book, Stella’s Mum Gets Her Groove Back 

Elisabetta’s blog and blog post on the difference between counselling and coaching

Carl Jung

Le’Nise Brothers - Eat Love Move

Suzy Ashworth - Website

The four dimensions of our functioning -  Body, Intellect, Emotional, Relational.


Keep up with Elisabetta via instagram or her website.



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