Welcome to episode 39 where I am joined by Fashion and textile designer Caro Gomez, founder of the Caro Gomez brand.  We had a really nourishing conversation about operating in your zone of genius, living abundantly and paying abundance forward.


Caro Gomez is a Latin American textile designer, who lives in London with her husband and two children. Originally from El Salvador, Caro has carried her roots with her throughout her fashion journey, and her work is heavily inspired by the colours, patterns and flair of the Latin American lifestyle.


After leaving her home country to pursue an education in fashion, she set off for Milan to study, but soon realised that the ‘city of fashion’ wasn't all she had dreamt of. Caro knew that air kisses and false niceties just weren’t for her - she wanted to pursue her dream, but knew that she couldn’t do it in an environment that didn’t feel authentic to her true self. She was falling out of love with fashion and knew that she had to make a big change if she wanted to succeed.


It was with this, that Caro decided to apply to study at Central St. Martins in London. 10 years, one marriage and two children later, London is where she calls home, and where she plans to launch her upcoming collection of hand painted and hand embroidered women’s clothing in spring 2019.


Caro’s upcoming collection is aimed at women who want to feel joyful, happy and powerful, because she believes that empowered women change the world. In a bid to support the Latin American community here in the UK, the collection will be manufactured with the help of Latin American women in London, who are trying to integrate successfully into British society.

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