I am back with a rebranded podcast. Today I am exploring fearing what we desire most and how this can lead to self-abandonment.

"Abandoning ourselves to care for others makes us lonely and reduces our capacity to truly give and receive love. It’s a pattern that’s incredibly hard to identify because it is a sophisticated shapeshifter that can provide immediate gratification and at times makes us feel righteous".
I invite you to join me in providing an olive branch to hurts we have internalised by engaging in an exercise to offer healing to a (light) wound from the past.
Big up to my friends Cee and Sareta who inspired me to stop waiting to restart my podcast when I listened to their new podcast, "Women Who Rebrand"
I mentioned Peter Levine, listen to him talk about trauma here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1RnTipiU_Q
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