I am delighted to share my new group coaching programme called The Joyfull Woman.  It's an evidence based programme informed by my over 15 year career as a social worker, group work training and life coaching. Spiritual social work if you will. 


The Joyfull Woman is a powerful and nourishing 10-week group coaching programme designed to guide you into deeper self-connection. This connection will enable you to meet yourself where you are with the compassion and empathy necessary to get yourself get unstuck and start living a life that feels like yours. 


This is for high achieving women like you, that are realising they have outgrown their current pattern of behaviour but are being held back by old habits and long held limiting beliefs. 


We start on 10th October 2019, World Mental Health day.


For more information and to book a clarity call to see if this programme is right for you click/ tap here.

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