Welcome to episode 5 of Three Sixty conversations.  In this episode Jessica Rogers and I discuss the power of creating space to allow ourselves to 'be' and give our feelings permission rise come to the surface so that we can acknowledge them and create pathways to living with passion and purpose.  We talk about removing limits imposed by society, culture and discrimination. We also touch on our cultural heritage as children of immigrants and the impact that had (has) on our values and the messages we internalise.


Jessica is an accredited business coach with over 800 coaching hours under her belt.   Jessica supports her clients to find more joy passion and purpose in their work.  She has over 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience which have enabled her  to build the tools, skills and business acumen to concentrate on helping women find joy and meaning in their life’s work. 


Jessica is an advocate for journaling and talks about power of putting pen to paper without editing (59:37), just letting your thoughts flow. Jessica talked about not letting time be a barrier to journalling and how impactful it is to put pen to paper for 4 minutes a day.  Jessica's narrative about 4 minute journalling impacted me so much that we have decided collaborate on  a 4 minute journal challenge which we would love you to join. We will share information about this channel on Instagram so please keep your eye on @livethreesixty and @jessrogerscoach for more information.  Enjoy.


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