This week Greta Solomon and I discuss creative writing, getting still to create magic and staying true to yourself.  Greta is an author, writing coach and speaker.  Greta explains how she followed the traditional route of going to university, studying, gaining a qualification then seeking employment.  However Greta soon realised that following a tradition that was not her own did not support her quest for fulfilment and being a true expression of herself.  Rather than try to conform Greta decided to live and work on her own terms.


Greta runs workshops in writing for business, creative self expression and wellness.  She speaks at universities, conferences and corporate events.  Greta writes for print and online publications as well as being an author of two books!


Greta’s latest book, “Heart Soul & Sass” is available for pre-order on Publishizer.  


“Heart Soul & Sass is about using the power of writing to create a fulfilling life. One that doesn’t just look good – but feels good”.


I strongly urge you to pre-order Heart Soul & Sass if you have dreams of writing a self help or ‘how to’ style book.  You can do so here.  There are various pre-order options available which include the book and some add ons such as access to an online workshop or a private coaching session Greta depending on the option you choose.  This pre-order campaign is time sensitive, you only have until 16/05/18 so don’t delay.


You can keep up to date with Greta via her website or instagram.


We can continue the conversation on twitter and instagram using the hashtags #livethreesixty #everydayjoy.


Also…. The Three Sixty website and online store is open now!  Click here.  The first offering in the online store is my first capsule collection inspired by the phrase ‘Keep It Simple’.  This six piece collection features jumpsuits and dresses that simplify getting dressed, giving you more time to focus on setting intentions, staying grounded and lighting up your day.

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