Welcome to episode 6 of Three Sixty Conversations.  Today I am having a nourishing conversion with Anya Hayes aka @mothers.wellness.toolkit about postpartum wellness, taking time to notice how you are feeling and the trap of comparison!  Anya also shares some gems on caring for your pelvic floor and how ‘moments of pure happiness’ can be an anchor during times of emotional challenge. (01:22:57).


Anya is a pilates teacher who specialises in pregnancy and postpartum    .  She is also a published author with 4 books under her belt and a 5th book coming out in September 2018.  Anya started her blog Mothers Wellness Toolkit after a hugely traumatic birth experience with her first child.


Anya is a huge advocate for women’s health and focuses on pregnancy and post birth wellness as there is a huge gap in the was women are supported once they have given birth.  She has joined forces with a multi disciplinary team of women to form the Pelvic Floor Patrol (01:10:00) to campaign for change in postnatal care.  Anya shares her passion for women’s wellness and pelvic floor health with content on her instagram page, check out her pelvic floor instagram stories and thank me later!


The first Three Sixty urban day retreat well take place in London on Sunday 9th September 2018.  The day will be dedicated to caring for your mind, body and soul with workshops facilitated by experts including Anya!!!  The aim of the day is to provide a restorative space and practical tools to integrate the ethos of the retreat with daily life.  I am so excited as to bring this to life as I am very passionate about supporting us (myself included) to find ways of integrate wellness into daily life.  If you would like more details sign up to my wellness mailing list here.  I promise no spam #GDPR.




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