Welcome to the first Conversations From The Heart: Heart Talk where I have the opportunity to have a heartfelt conversation with a wonderful guest.


Conversations From The Heart: Heart Talk, begins with a body scan (you can join in too if it is safe for you to do so). The conversation is guided by whatever comes up in the moment for my guest. There are no interview questions, no set script and hardly any editing. Pauses and process time - the things that make us human are deliberately left untouched.


In a fast-paced world of expeditious efficiency and trying to do things in the shortest time possible I offer an oasis. 


An oasis where there is no race to hot takes or intensity. Our conversations take the time they take and my guests and I have space to be our perfectly imperfect human selves. 


Today I am joined by my friend and resplendent human being, Sas Petherick for my first heart-led conversation.


In this conversation, Sas and I talk about sisterhood, discernment and the precious care friendship and being a friend requires.


We talk about the elusive nature of being present and how easily we take it for granted even though it's all we have. Sas' connection to her heart via our body scan made the preciousness of now even more apparent as she had a serious heart condition that could have had a fatal impact. Sas' tender heart reminds her of the importance of being here now and returning whenever she ventures into the past or future for too long.


We talk about the enforced stillness of the pandemic and lessons thrust upon us by having to sit in our aloneness and begin to claim who we are. Sas shares why she is excited about this possibility.


We also get geeky and talk about academic stuff we love!


This is a really gentle conversation, I hope it offers you some comfort.


A bit about Sas:

Sas Petherick is obsessed with helping you heal your self-doubt. Sas is a Master Coach and Founder of Self-belief School and the Self-belief Coaching Academy where she teaches evidence-based approaches and proven coaching tools. Sas hosts the Courage and Spice podcast for humans with Self-doubt. Youll find Sas on The Gram: @saspetherick.


Also, I am excited to share that my new hybrid life and business coaching programme Emancipate your business is open for enrollment now. 


Your business has its own life force energy that needs to be emancipated from your unmet needs so that it has enough space to serve YOU as well as your gorgeous community.

I want to help you create a life and business that puts you and your needs at the centre. No more hiding unmet needs in business strategy that makes anxiety an unconscious (toxic) productivity tool.


Your success does not need to deplete you. Book a no-pressure, complimentary call here [LINK] to see if this programme will be of service to you.

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