Karen Arthur honours her late Aunt Monica.


In today's black history take over the one and only Karen Arthur honours her late Aunt Monica.


Karen shares very real and very honest complex feelings about ganging freedom following a relationship break-up then quickly having to relinquish this new found freedom to care for her Aunt Monica in a period of illness.


Just as Karen decided to embrace caring for her Aunt she sadly passed away. Through grief Karen found a deepened love of fashion and started to make conscious choices about the clothes she wears to alter her mood. #WEARYOURHAPPY was born. The sad passing of Aunt Monica led Karen to her new path as a mental health advocate, fashion designer, speaker, event organiser and more!



About Karen Arthur:

Karen is a 57 year old woman flourishing through menopause. She is a Fashion designer, sewing tutor, stylist and speaker with a bit of modeling thrown in for variety.


Karen enables women to harness the power of fashion to support good mental well-being using #wearyourhappy on social media and penned an e-book '8 Ways to Wear Your Happy' as a helpful guide. She has held two successful Wear Your Happy live events to date and launched Wear Your Happy Style, a personal styling offer for women who want to rediscover the ‘Happy’ in their wardrobes.


Karen speaks publicly on fashion and mental wellbeing, ageing and loneliness. Her most recent video feature for @StyleLikeU ‘Getting Dressed: A self-acceptance project’ has reached over 88k views on Youtube.

Karen is also a co-founder of Craftmoves, a social initiative committed to ending loneliness amongst London’s commuters through handheld craft.


You can connect with Karen here:












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