Jecks Lee honours Amaza Lee Meredith.


In this podcast take over interior designer with a difference, Jecks Lee honours Amaza Lee Meredith.  Amaza Lee was nothing short of AMAZING.  A black woman born in 1895 that taught herself architecture, had a career as an architect and then went on to teach! Talk about TAKE UP SPACE!

In terms of wellness Jecks talks about what I am calling Meredith's growth mindset.


A black interior designer honouring a black female self taught architect who left a tangible legacy with her work... priceless!



About Jecks Lee:


Jecks set up Persona Abode Interiors to specialise in designing eco-conscious residential interiors, with a focus on designing for people and supporting world causes. 


Her appreciation of interior design comes from the experiences of being terrified to step into her own home. Having endured occurrences of domestic violence, through the eyes of a child and also as an adult, she understands how the sanctuary of home crumbles when you no longer feel safe in the environment in which you live.


Having come from a long background in building conservation and recycling management, Jecks is not swayed by just aesthetics. Architecture and the environment are important to her creativity. She is unimpressed by the idea of consumer trends, as it doesn't sit well with carving out your true design style or design experience. Rather than being sucked into the vortex of designing client’s home for the sake of fashion, Jecks concentrates on providing a sensory experience that benefits their wellbeing, whilst also honouring the planet.


Believing that the profession of Interior Design should be held accountable for its participation of unethical practices, Jecks pursued studies in vegan design, becoming a “certified cruelty” free designer in 2017. She is one of the first UK designers to do so, and will use this knowledge to pass on to clients and fellow designers.



You can connect with Jecks here:




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