Sharon Walters honours Jessica Huntley.


Today’s podcast take over contribution is from Sharon Walters. In this audio Sharon honours book publisher and activist, Jessica Huntley. Sharon had the honour of learning directly from Jessica Huntley, experiencing the living legacy of this phenomenal woman.


In terms of wellness Sharon leans into Jessica Huntley starting where she was, with what she had and building legacy.


Sharon also honours the late great Maya Angelou.


About Sharon Walters:


Sharon Walters is a London-based artist creating hand-assembled collages exploring black identity and mainstream beauty standards. As a part-time museum professional, her role is to lead community engagement projects to widen participation to under-represented museum audiences. Sharon is passionate about encouraging people to ‘take up space’ and the creation of platforms to enable marginalised to be seen and empowered to have an impactful voice.


You can connect with Sharon on instagram here.

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