Marsha Powell honours her mother, Delores Hay.


Today’s  Black History audio takeover comes from Marsha Powell honouring her mother, Delores Hay.


Marsha’s mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and died within weeks of her diagnosis. This was an extremely difficult time for Marsha, her siblings and their extended family however their mother’s light shone through so powerfully the Powell sisters were left with a very clear message: Enjoy the life you have now.


At the end of this audio Marsha shares a poem she wrote for her mother.


Prepare to have all the feels.


Thank you for your candour Marsha I absolutely loved listening to your contribution.


About Marsha Powell:


Marsha is the founder of BelEve UK which is a charity that provides practical and emotional support to help girls and young women raise their aspirations. BelEve UK provide workshops, work experience, mentoring and more.


Marsha is also the founder of Eve & Grace which is an inclusive wellness studio in the heart of Battersea. Eve & Grace provide a range of classes and treatments in a warm abs welcoming environment.


You can connect with Marsha here:





I know black history month is over, but listen to the audio for an 'explanation'.

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