Laura Hesketh honours Angela Davis.


Before we go any further Ms Davis is alive and well. She is campaigning for the rights of marginalised people. Ms Davis is good! When we honour women from history it’s not confined to those that are no longer with us!


Laura Hesketh loves Angela Davis so much she is not waiting for her to be an ancestor to honour her and I love that! Let’s cherish each other whilst we are here! Small(ish) challenge, reach out to someone you cherish today and let them know what they mean to you.


Laura focuses on Angela Davis’ work in abolition and prison reform. She talks about self care enabling us to bring our whole selves to our work including collective joy! 


Laura, I see Ms Davis in you.


Laura caught me by surprise by honouring me too! Thank you Laura, I appreciate you and this honour immensely 💓.


About Laura Hesketh:


Laura is currently a 1st year student at Birmingham University studying Black Studies. She aims to combine her studies with her background in the legal profession to become a Human Rights Lawyer. I’m here for this Human Rights needs Laura’s big energy.


I would describe Laura as a community champion that uses her platform to share information and challenge the status quo.


You can connect with Laura on instagram here.

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