Sarah Rose Gregory honours Billie Holiday.


In today’s Black History Month audio takeover Sarah Rose Gregory honours Billie Holiday.  Sarah shares that her introduction to  Billie Holiday was met with resistance as Ms Holiday was her father’s musical choice.


Once Sarah was able to connect with Ms Holiday beyond outside of her father’s influence Sarah learned lessons about love, relationships and most importantly self love.


In terms of wellness Sarah refers to Billie Holiday’s ability to take up space. Refusing to use the ‘coloured entrances’ in the Jim Crow era and using her art to expand into the fullest version of her self, singing with her entire chest and captivating audiences that would have ordinarily overlooked her resplendence because of the colour of her skin.


About Sarah Rose Gregory:


Sarah is a storyteller, ex civil servant, artistic activist, event organiser, community fund raiser,  black British woman, of Ghanaian and Irish descent with four children, an ardent dyslexic who campaigns. She was lost at King's University, found at SOAS and then moons later survived evenings at Birkbeck, to become a Master. 





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