Claudine Thornhill honours Rosa Guy.


In this podcast episode Claudine honours Trinidadian- American author, Rosa Guy. Claudine shares the huge impact Rosa Guy had on her teenage years by providing representation that made her feel seen for the first time after years of reading books that did not represent people that look like her.  Reading Rosa Guys books was affirming for Claudine and demonstrated the need for multiethnic representation in books from a young age.


Personal development and business book reading junkie's pay close attention to Claudine's self care recommendation!


About Claudine Thornhill:

Claudine Thornhill is an award-winning Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach who helps aspiring and inspiring professional, creative and entrepreneurial women feel better, be better and do better by focusing on increasing balance in their bodies and lives through the power of food and lifestyle change.


Claudine's fundamental belief is that health and wellness create a key foundation for greatness, living fully and realising our potential.


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