Cee Olaleye honours Margaret Ekpo.


Today’s podcast take over comes from Cee Olaleye who is honouring Nigerian political trailblazer, Chief Mrs Margaret Ekpo. Mrs Margaret Ekpo is a true activist who worked tirelessly for the emancipation of Nigerian people. It was her mission to free Nigeria from colonial rule and to use her position in society to create opportunities for Nigerian women to experience financial freedom.


In terms of wellness Cee refers to Mrs Margaret Ekpo’s sense of style and owning it, for Cee this means embracing herself fully from her natural hair to ensuring she understands her cultural background and share this with her children. Additionally Chief Mrs Margaret Ekpo’s legacy inspires Cee to actively encourage her children to take up space and expand beyond the confines other people’s limitations.



About Cee Olaleye:

Cee is Business Psychologist and a top 100 ranked parenting blogger with her parenting lifestyle blog, “Hey is That Me?’.


You can connect with Cee here:










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