Alize Demange honours Dido Elizabeth Bell 


In this podcast episode Alizé shares a candid exploration of her identity as a woman of mixed black heritage. Alizé talks about visiting the country of her black ancestors and coming home to herself.


Alize’s podcast is also an ode to black British women currently creating a living legacy and inspiration for us all.


In this episode Alizé provides us with a real black British history lesson from the transatlantic slave trade to the black presence in Britain and the depiction of black people in art.



About Alizé Demange:


Alizé Demange is one of London’s most sought after stylists. Her work ranges from styling celebrities to household brands.



Alongside styling some of the biggest names in music, Alizé is also paving the way for young creatives through her Note to Self platform. Through Note to Self Alizé and her team provides content and experiences to support young female entrepreneurs with opportunities to take care of themselves whilst they take care of their businesses.


You can connect with Alizé here:





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