Welcome to this beautifully nourishing conversation with Jazreena Harlow on being your radiant self.


In this episode Jazreena and I talk about the importance of allowing ourselves to be held, why representation matters and how we are all part of a collective whole.


We also talk about being soft and how complex it can be when you are a Black woman. We also explore the significant energy required to go against your conditioning to heal and do things in a new way.


Jazreena is an Inner radiance and self connection coach. She is a multi passionate creative who uses a dynamic mix of modalities  (sound alchemy, human design and brand creatrix). The aim is to inspire you to step into the core essence of who you are, to live in full expression with vibrancy and truth. Jaz utilises sound healing and human design to help you feel safe enough to meet yourself in truth work and how you’re here to shine.


At the beginning of the episode I shared some information about my, 'Essensual flow' workshop and guided meditation. You can find information here [LINK].


You can connect with Jazreena here:



Breath, balm and brunch day retreat

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