Paula Perry honours Shirley Chisholm.


Today’s contribution is from Paula Perry who is honouring none other than Shirley Chisholm. If you don’t know who she is, please do your googles. Shirley is a certified BOSS all caps!



Paula choosing Shirley Chisholm is very fitting as Paula has a lot of Shirley’s no limit energy.  Paula highlights many examples of how Shirley’s legacy can inform wellness including not internalising other peoples perception of you.



About Paula Perry:


Paula Perry is known as the ‘Cycle Breaking Expert’ she is a mother, speaker, mentor, lecturer, author of the bestselling book Black British History and founder of You4Us which is dedicated to empowering women to take control of their finances.  Alongside starting the domino effect that breaks the negative cycle of generational poverty in areas such as Finance & Parenting.



Paula raises awareness about financial literacy and the importance of understanding our financial mindset and has been successfully impacting adults and young people in the UK and internationally with her knowledge and practical tools to create a solid foundation that is important to create a legacy for the next generation.


Listen to my podcast episode with Paula here.



You can connect with Paula here:






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